Just What Is “TME Magazine”?!?

Launched in 1991 by entreprenuers Michael Loeb and Jay S Walker, the company that provides TME Magazine services, began by selling magazine subscriptions through charge card corporations.  In 1996, the company behind TME Magazine introduced an innovated new “continuous service” system that provided consumers the option of renewing magazines they subscribed-to automatically without any service interruptions or the requirement of contacting the company to request subscription renewals.  Over time, the company has expanded its business partnerships to include top name-brand retail companies, shopping catalogs, airline frequent flyer programs, and various online companies.

TME Magazine Information

TME Magazine Information

TME Magazine’s parent company has grown to be the largest magazine subscription marketing company in terms of customers and titles carried within the US, providing customers over 600 periodical titles from which to choose out of all major magazine publishers — including National Geographic Society, Reader’s Digest Association, Meredith Corporation, and Time Inc.  TME Magazine markets subscription opportunities and special subscription offers through retailers and other customer channels, targeting consumers with deals tailored specifically for their demographic. This customized marketing strategy insures that TME Magazine’s business partners will enjoy relationships with the highest quality subscribers.

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